Being backed up with university degree of psychology gives me more of an edge than in other two passions of mine. Yet, it’s the topic I find hardest to describe briefly.

Consider one thing… You book appointments with the doctor, physiotherapist, nutritionist, hairdresser (!!), etc. and happily leave 20+ Euros (tarifa Balkan :P) in order to receive help. But when it comes to your mind processes and behaviour, psychologists are the last ones to cross your mind?? Of course, first comes your mum, friend, neighbours, fruit vendors, people at the bar, mothers in law; all but psychologists! Funny. Until it stops being funny… Take mental health seriously like any of the aforementioned topics that we seek specialists for. Speak about it. Turn the page and do yourself a favour by referring to a professional if necessary. It is like going to medical check-ups where they draw your blood. Psychologists can work on the prevention part equally well. And it doesn’t end only at that. Let me state this once and for all: you do NOT need to suffer or have a problem to reach out for a psychologist.

For example, as I am specializing in sports psychology, my main focus is the positive side, improvement part. Dreams and objectives, motivation and performance, these are all the topics which are rarely mentioned connected with a psychologists work. Believe me, you don’t want me to be your shoulder to cry on. I’ll start laughing. 😁 Jokes aside, psychologist can share knowledge with you and set you up with solid habits to follow in many areas of your life. If you have a desire to level up, get better in any aspect of your life, change the status quo, I would be thrilled to embark on that journey with you. I want you to be EXCEPTIONAL and best version of yourself. Offering small tips as an intro in the project I’m launching might be a start but organized work brings all-year-round fruits 🙂 (a small promo, yes, not the main thing though!)  


Last thing, why the photo you might wonder.

The Anthropomorphic Cabinet (1936) by Salvador Dalí to me is the strongest association to psychology. In my free interpretation, this work of art reminds me of the complexity of our being and at the same time control over what we are, and what we choose to become. The drawers are a part of us, they represent many layers we consist of. Drawers ae free spaces which we can fill with things we want to have, they can be cleaned in a way we see optimal and decorated to our liking. We are who we choose to be and we make that decision every single day. Education, reaching out, growing and sharing. Stay curious, try it out yourself, experiment and grow in knowledge. 🙂

Why psych

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