Some people joke that I was born with a basketball in my hands. 😂 With the ball or not, being active is installed in me and engaging in physical activity has been a habit of mine ever since I was a kid. Numerous benefits of an active lifestyle are widely known and many of the sources report different levels of exercise to maintain a balanced active lifestyle. Instead of getting lost in recommendations many of us choose to give it a try and figure it out ourselves.

All of the pros can backfire if the intensity and frequency of physical activity are not adequate. Little secret behind the ‘know hows’ of this part is listening to your body. As with any language, to understand what your body is saying, you will need a lot of practice which naturally requires time. During the process you will attune better to the subtle cues your body gives away and will learn how to act accordingly.

Body is the most sophisticated machine there is. It has ingenious ways to develop, adapt and endure. Body gives and takes, suffers and thrives; all depending on how you treat it.
Take good care of it will in turn affect much more than your physical appearance which happens to be number one reason why one decides to make a change.

Why sports

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