Climate Change

Climate Change

I have been a pain in the ass lately with the environment informative content. I have not been enough of a pain in the ass though. Informing people until it becomes something as clear as a water and fully comprehended, that’s my goal.

In this post I will try to accumulate sources of info that everyone should be aware of. That is the first step. Education.

 Climate change evidence

      • Global temperature rise
      • Warming oceans
      • Shrinking ice sheets
      • Glacial level retreat
      • Sea levels rise
      • Extreme events
      • Ocean acidification (result of humans emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and hence more being absorbed into the oceans)

      Why does it happen?

          • Greenhouse effect (because of all the gas emission)
          • Human activity
            • Industries
            • Over-consumption & waste
            • De-forestation
            • IMBECILES
            Solar irradiance

            What are the effects?

                • Temperatures rising
                • Seasons changing
                • Droughts & heat waves
                • Food reduction, shortage of water
                • Hurracanes & other extreme events
                • Sea rise
                • Decreased air quality

                Communities in #Greenland rely on the sea ice for transport, hunting and fishing. Extreme events, here flooding of the ice by abrupt onset of surface melt call for an incresed predictive capacity in the Arctic @BG10Blueaction @polarprediction @dmidk read more