Good morning! Little something on my favourite meal of the day – breakfast. This time of the year often times our breakfast consists of leftovers from huge lunches and dinners we have with our families. Having said this, I want to emphasize that this is NOT  a post about *resist the temptation*, but a simple reminder of ideas that can bring colour to the first meal of your day and help jumpstart your organism in the morning.

Therefore, I wanted to put some photos of my favourite breakfast recipes where your eyes are first ones to enjoy the meal and taste just blows your mind. Especially when shared 🙂

Avo-Salmon-Egg Toast

My show off combination is a toast topped with my favourite goodies: poached egg, avocado, smoked salmon and oregano/chives. Filling meal that makes a great balance between carbs – fats -proteins. Sometimes I use this option as a post-workout brunch recipe and I add goat’s cheese, lamb’s lettuce, cherry tomatoes or any ingredient of your liking. The secret is in the combination of tastes salmon+avocado+egg. Obviously, placing a little bit of extra virgin olive oil (shout out to my EVO lovers xD) on top of all and a sprinkle of salt or just a squeeze of lemon instead. This is pure enjoyment later followed by a warm cup of coffee/tea.

Poached egg or slightly fried egg allows for the appearance of the only tears I like: one of pinched egg yolk. Just. Look. At. That.





Ok I’m hungry now. Moving on…

Banana Spinach Smoothie

One thing that I love making first thing in the morning is this refreshing green smoothie. Ings: 2-3 handfuls of fresh spinach (baby spinach if you want it sweeter), one whole banana (always ripe, almost black if you want it sweeter), greek yoghurt and a bit of plant-based milk of your liking, depends on how dense you want it to be. Sometimes I add nuts in the beginning too and honey if it’s not sweet enough. De-li-cious. One thing that will make the consistence ideal is the order in which you blend the ingredients (if you are using the hand blender; if you have the monster blender machines this part makes no difference as it will come out perfect anyways hehe). First put spinach (and nuts if you decide to) with a bit of liquid and blend it until you can see no spinach particles or they get tiny. Next, put banana and greek yoghurt with a bit of honey and blend it until it reaches desired consistency. Nice addition can be coco sprinkles as they give a subtle sweet taste on top of the existing one.

















Nice Cream Bowls

This is by far the most eye-appealing breakfast. One I hate to destroy once made. But hunger prevails eventually… To make it presentable you’ll have to be patient when layering the bowl, but as soon as you indulge, it turns to sweet mess and a rhapsody of tastes. Nice cream is the closest to an ice-cream you can get without using animal products.

Procedure is the following:

  1. Let bananas rippen till they get a darker color and turn soft. Once they do, cut them to small pieces and put them to a freezer overnight.
  2. Fruit mixers: depending on your likings you can choose any fruit to blend the bananas with. I opt for (frozen) forrest fruit, mango, previously soaked nuts, etc. You can play with tastes and colours.
  3. Place banans in the blender with a little bit of liquid (water, any milk). If you have a hand blender be very careful not to break the machine (been there, done that) by pressing it too hard and not giving it a break. Trick is in patience and short blending attempts with possibility of adding more liquid.
  4. When bananas turn into cream add fruit of your choice, a bit of honey or any sweetener and blend till it all mixes perfectly. Personally I add a little bit of yoghurt with forrest fruit.

Next up I pour the nice-cream into a bowl (and if I’m too impatient this is where the story ends :P) or over a layer of oats which will get soft after absorbing some of the nice cream. Then I add toppings: nuts, almonds, chia seeds, goji berries, bananas, dark chocolate, … Anything you like.

Final product looks something like this:

Many times we eat with our eyes, but rarely we put in an effort to satisfy that need. Try it yourself, make time for good stuff. And try to enjoy it for more than 3 minutes. 😛
Enjoy your mornings and share it!

Happy New Year to y’all 😀

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    • July 18, 2019 at 1:27 pm

      Thank you, oh it’s so satisfying hehe. It depends on what are your objectives: to lean down, put on weight, bulk up, and also on your current body constitution. These questions need to be taken into account by a professional who can adjust the programme to your needs.

    • October 24, 2019 at 11:45 am

      I’m glad 😀 … Oh I wish, one day maybe (:


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