Dear all,

I am happy to finally be able to say that I am launching my project.

Primary goal of this website is to CONNECT & EDUCATE.

How does it work?

So what does this project of mine actually entail?

I see Triple Threat as a platform which connects, teaches and inspires anyone who stumbles upon it. Each of you can help someone get closer to their dreams, surpass the dificulties they come across, offer valuable (life) lessons and show support.

Why the name?

Triple threat is actually a position in basketball where you hold a ball in a shoulder-widght-low stance in front of your chest and you are ready to do any of the main basketball movements: drive, shoot & pass. If you’re asking yourself whether this website is gonna be about basketball, the answer is NO. I took this analogy because basketball is my first love, sport I once thrived in and the introduction to active lifestyle. Today I count three major passions which I greatly identify with and those are: psychology, sports & nutrition. These are three topics I personally want to delve in, but the website is meant to GROW and with that expand to other topics which are gonna be chosen by YOU …

‘Wait, what do I have to do with it?’

Good question, keep on reading…

This is going to be a joint project. Although I will manage this website and deal with the technicalities, I want it to be a place for your creations too.

I recognized today’s society life-setting which is very dynamic and fast-paced, one where people look for constant stimulation from different sources. Therefore, not to bore you with my texts all the time, I came up with an idea that all of you who have something to say (which is basically ALL of you) are more than welcomed to do so. All you need to do is CREATE something, run it by me and it will be published under your name with your contact details. It can be anything, from a text to the video, you singing, playing an instrument or giving recommendations on any topic you feel that will be of use for someone.

I can start mentioning topics which my friends are passionate about and have lots to share, but please do recognize yourselves in these words, contact me and get yourself going! I know you have something to share. Something you’ve been thinking for a long time. I want this to be a small push for you. A tiny tweak which leads to great things!

Also, reflecting on my university studies I was able to recognize that a great part of learning has come from interacting with people, attending to their experiences and drawing conclusions from vicarious experiences. People who you are surrounded with should make you grow because each one of us has something to offer, a piece of information that could serve some purpose and be useful for another person.

With this idea of combining the forces the content is going to be more diverse and interesting for the reader, the website is still going to run if I fall into the black hole of writer’s block & we are all going to benefit from each other’s experiences!

Why should you participate?

(1) Personal accomplishment: You finally published something! It’s not New York Times, but at least you got out of your comfort zone and let your voice be heard.

(2) Motivation: For yourself, but the others too! One small step today could be a big leap tomorrow. ­čÖé

(3) Resources: I wish I could tell you $$. In the long run maybe yes. The idea is to connect. Hopefully the site will get big enough to attract all kinds of readers who will recognize your passions and share your interests which could open some doors for you.

(4) Gratitude: From myself and the readers

Why am I doing this after all?

The answer is twofold:

(1) To connect & educate  and

(2) To develop a personal project and engage in my profession

(1) Throughout my education I have had a great deal of amazing school teachers from whom I learned a lot and to who I look up to. I have also had many other teaching figures who are not a part of standard educational system. Those are my friends, family and many people I met at random places; each of them has offered me valuable lessons without even being aware they were doing so. I’m eternally grateful for they have shaped my path in a way and showed me the importance of listening.

Number of meaningful, deep conversations with people from all around the world that I had a chance to meet has given me extra motivation and ideas that I feel like everyone should know about. I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing inspirational people who push innovation, intellectual thought, who grow in knowledge and pass it to others, who are kind and good-hearted people and who spread positive vibes that touch many. Each of you has something to say, to offer, to teach and show. And many of you need a gentle push to finally speak out and SHARE because there is going to be someone listening and absorbing valuable information that motivates. After all, we’re all in this together and the main goal of this website is overall improvement. In all the fields you can imagine!

(2) So many times I have heard: You need to write. You need to publish. Because if you do not, how will someone benefit from it? – I finally stepped up and listened to those wise words. I want this to serve as a promotion of my own services and an attempt to reach more people.

The structure of the website

There are 3 main sections under which a number of sub-sections will grow.


1. Nutrition

Foods explained

Recipes: vegeterian, vegan, local cuisines, promo of events

Tips: food prep, grocery shopping

Impact of food on your daily life

Functional eating: Bulking, leaning down

Food disorders


2. Psychology

Spiritual well-being

Sports psychology:

Motivation, Concentration

Work Psychology

Hot topics


3. Sports – Fitness – Physical Activity

Workouts: HIIT, running

Sports, recreational activity

Impact of physical activity on daily life

Fitness goals

As you can see, many of these are intertwined so I could still adapt sections and post a specific topic under both sections (for example: food disorders under psych and nutrition).

Potential expansion is immense: topics such as art; travelling; politics, etc. I’m open to any kind of suggestions on website diversification + possibility of writing in Spanish, English, Croatian, German, … ­čÖé

So here I am inviting all of you to get in touch with me clicking on the contact options in the side bar and join me on this adventure. Consider yourself as a part of somethig new.

Side note: website is going to grow and take form day by day, as I’m new in this any help from informatics fanatics or people in the know about websites is very welcomed! ­čśÇ

Without further ado, I present you the website ‘Triple Threat’ which is a project from me to you, from us to us!

Let’s get going, who knows what will we discover on our way. ­čÖé