Exercise on the Go

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Do you recognise yourself saying/thinking any of the following statemens:

  • It’s too warm/cold to train outside
  • I don’t have space at home to exercise
  • It’s raining
  • I don’t have money to pay the gym
  • My schedule is so packed, there is no time for exercise
  • Oh look, Ana has just called me for movies night, I’ll exercise tomorrow

After the festive hedonism season, the time has come to get your ass up and burn the cake, turkey, odojak & janjetina calories and get back to the routine (as you can see, this post was in the making for quite some time xD). Apart from making space in your tummy for more tasty food and getting the life balance back by working out, you are also creating extra shots of serotonin and dopamine in your brain. Happy molecules! That’s all you need to know. read more

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