Cambio climático

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He sido un poco pesada últimamente hablando sobre el cambio climático. Pero creo que no he sido lo suficiente. Hay que informar a la gente hasta que se convierta en algo tan claro como el agua y plenamente comprendido, ese es mi objetivo. 

En este post intentaré acumular fuentes de información que todo el mundo debería conocer. Este es el primer paso: la educación.

 Evidencias del cambio climático

  • Aumento de la temperatura global
  • Océanos cálidos
  • Reducción de las capas de hielo
  • Retiro a nivel glaciar
  • Aumento del nivel del mar
  • Eventos extremos
  • Acidificación de los océanos (debido a que los seres humanos emiten más dióxido de carbono a la atmósfera y, por lo tanto, son más absorbidos por los océanos).

¿Por qué sucede esto?

  • Efecto invernadero (debido a la emisión de gases)
  • Actividad humana
  • Industrias
    • Consumo excesivo y residuos
    • Deforestación
    Irradiación solar

    ¿Cuáles son los efectos?

    • Aumento de la temperatura
    • Cambio de estaciones
    • Sequías y olas de calor
    • Reducción de alimentos, escasez de agua
    • Huracanes y otros eventos extremos
    • Elevación del mar
    • Disminución de la calidad del aire

    Tweet de Olsen:

    Communities in #Greenland rely on the sea ice for transport, hunting and fishing. Extreme events, here flooding of the ice by abrupt onset of surface melt call for an incresed predictive capacity in the Arctic @BG10Blueaction @polarprediction @dmidk read more

Climate Change

Climate Change

I have been a pain in the ass lately with the environment informative content. I have not been enough of a pain in the ass though. Informing people until it becomes something as clear as a water and fully comprehended, that’s my goal.

In this post I will try to accumulate sources of info that everyone should be aware of. That is the first step. Education.

 Climate change evidence

      • Global temperature rise
      • Warming oceans
      • Shrinking ice sheets
      • Glacial level retreat
      • Sea levels rise
      • Extreme events
      • Ocean acidification (result of humans emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and hence more being absorbed into the oceans)

      Why does it happen?

          • Greenhouse effect (because of all the gas emission)
          • Human activity
            • Industries
            • Over-consumption & waste
            • De-forestation
            • IMBECILES
            Solar irradiance

            What are the effects?

                • Temperatures rising
                • Seasons changing
                • Droughts & heat waves
                • Food reduction, shortage of water
                • Hurracanes & other extreme events
                • Sea rise
                • Decreased air quality

                Communities in #Greenland rely on the sea ice for transport, hunting and fishing. Extreme events, here flooding of the ice by abrupt onset of surface melt call for an incresed predictive capacity in the Arctic @BG10Blueaction @polarprediction @dmidk read more

Say it! Speak up

Say it! Speak up

Throughout my short life I have come across many potentially powerful people in terms of influence across the world. Woup, actually, ‘across the world’ was a stumbling stone that made the conversations interesting, or better even – conflicting.

I will never forget a conversation I had with this guy… Friend of mine but let’s call him ‘a guy’.
You know this person who naturally has a strong voice? Someone who the crowds automatically follow and do not question? Have you met anyone that has a gift to influence & impact people positively?
Imagine that person. You have it? Good.
Now, imagine that same person, a good friend of yours, comes up to you one day and tells you: I’m done. This makes no sense. I just cannot make a difference. read more

Power of Gratitude

Power of Gratitude

In one of my masters classes, a teacher proposed a little ‘gratitude’ activity. Each one of us had to walk up to a classmate and express admiration or praise and the one receiving the feedback needed to respond accordingly, taking in the compliment and expressing gratitude. As there were more interactions, people wanted to approach more classmates. The air afterwards was filled with happiness, reflection, and inspiration. People had this particular spark in their eyes and it felt like motivation skyrocketed. A simple act of kindness has touched many people’s hearts and immediately we were on a different level of connectedness… read more



It’s time to talk about defining experience of my undergraduate and graduate programme in MAD Lions E.C.  It is a leading eSports club in Spain in which I have entered thanks to my mentor Alejo García-Naveira. Having spent 9 months in the club I gained better understanding of this sector that I would like to share with you.

If you are curious about what eSports is and what the heck have I been doing there as a (sports) psychologist, read on…

eSports ?

Starting with a basic definition, from my nerdy scientific point of view first I offer you a ‘peer-reviewed’ one: read more

Actividad sobre la marcha

Actividad sobre la marcha

¿Te reconoces diciendo/pensando alguna de las siguientes afirmaciones?

  • Hace demasiado calor/frío para entrenar fuera.
  • No tengo espacio en casa para hacer ejercicio.
  • Está lloviendo.
  • No tengo dinero para pagar el gimnasio.
  • Mi agenda está tan llena que no hay tiempo para hacer ejercicio.
  • Oh, mira, Ana me acaba de llamar para la noche de cine, haré ejercicio mañana.

Después de la temporada de hedonismo festivo, ha llegado el momento de levantar el culo y quemar las calorías de los polvorones, la carne de todo tipo y volver a la rutina (como puedes ver, este post lo estuve preparando durante bastante tiempo xD). Aparte de hacer espacio en tu barriga para más cosas ricas y recuperar el equilibrio de la vida haciendo ejercicio, también estás creando inyecciones adicionales de serotonina y dopamina en tu cerebro. ¡Moléculas felices! Eso es todo lo que necesitas saber. read more

Exercise on the Go

Exercise on the Go

Versión española

Do you recognise yourself saying/thinking any of the following statemens:

  • It’s too warm/cold to train outside
  • I don’t have space at home to exercise
  • It’s raining
  • I don’t have money to pay the gym
  • My schedule is so packed, there is no time for exercise
  • Oh look, Ana has just called me for movies night, I’ll exercise tomorrow

After the festive hedonism season, the time has come to get your ass up and burn the cake, turkey, odojak & janjetina calories and get back to the routine (as you can see, this post was in the making for quite some time xD). Apart from making space in your tummy for more tasty food and getting the life balance back by working out, you are also creating extra shots of serotonin and dopamine in your brain. Happy molecules! That’s all you need to know. read more



Good morning! Little something on my favourite meal of the day – breakfast. This time of the year often times our breakfast consists of leftovers from huge lunches and dinners we have with our families. Having said this, I want to emphasize that this is NOT  a post about *resist the temptation*, but a simple reminder of ideas that can bring colour to the first meal of your day and help jumpstart your organism in the morning.

Therefore, I wanted to put some photos of my favourite breakfast recipes where your eyes are first ones to enjoy the meal and taste just blows your mind. Especially when shared 🙂 read more

Why psych

Being backed up with university degree of psychology gives me more of an edge than in other two passions of mine. Yet, it’s the topic I find hardest to describe briefly.

Consider one thing… You book appointments with the doctor, physiotherapist, nutritionist, hairdresser (!!), etc. and happily leave 20+ Euros (tarifa Balkan :P) in order to receive help. But when it comes to your mind processes and behaviour, psychologists are the last ones to cross your mind?? Of course, first comes your mum, friend, neighbours, fruit vendors, people at the bar, mothers in law; all but psychologists! Funny. Until it stops being funny… Take mental health seriously like any of the aforementioned topics that we seek specialists for. Speak about it. Turn the page and do yourself a favour by referring to a professional if necessary. It is like going to medical check-ups where they draw your blood. Psychologists can work on the prevention part equally well. And it doesn’t end only at that. Let me state this once and for all: you do NOT need to suffer or have a problem to reach out for a psychologist. read more

Why sports

Some people joke that I was born with a basketball in my hands. 😂 With the ball or not, being active is installed in me and engaging in physical activity has been a habit of mine ever since I was a kid. Numerous benefits of an active lifestyle are widely known and many of the sources report different levels of exercise to maintain a balanced active lifestyle. Instead of getting lost in recommendations many of us choose to give it a try and figure it out ourselves.

All of the pros can backfire if the intensity and frequency of physical activity are not adequate. Little secret behind the ‘know hows’ of this part is listening to your body. As with any language, to understand what your body is saying, you will need a lot of practice which naturally requires time. During the process you will attune better to the subtle cues your body gives away and will learn how to act accordingly. read more