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Hi everyone, hope I find you in good physical and mental shape in this post-quarantine period. I am not quite finished with home confinement, but it is mostly because I choose it. In this post I’ll share with you an article I wrote for Croatian portal for female basketball. You can find the original post here: Vizualizacija – Ženska košarka. This post will target basketball players, but ideas can easily be extrapolated to different profiles of people.

In the middle of COVID chaos in Croatia I decided to give back to a community that played a great role in my upbringing writing an article about a psychological technique – imagery, also known as visualization. This mental tool, apart from usefulness in daily routines, is particularly handy for those who are injured and need to take a break, or in this case, during confinement periods which don’t allow trainings on a basketball court. read more

Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology

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Psychology is an overarching area which consists of multitude of branches that focus on different aspects of human behaviour and cognitive processes. One of the branches is Sports Psychology that I have been invested in, both personally and professionaly. Experience as a semi-professional basketball player and a sports enthusiast allows me to intuitively know what do sports practitioners experience while competing or training. On top of that having studied Bachelor in Psychology and Masters in Sports Psychology gives me specific tools and theoretical knowledge about the topic. read more